Massive Cat And Elderly Woman's Heartwarming Love For Each Other (Video)

We love love. That's all we can think about after watching this most wholesomest video. It's just pure on so many levels. You have this ginormous cat purring in this wonderful elderly woman's lap. You may think that there isn't much to this video, but there's a reason it's gained this many views. It's pure, the cat clearly has so much affection for this woman, and she just as clearly adores him back. 

We love seeing cats showing affection to humans, especially considering that we still hear people say that cats can't actually love. Cats can love their humans, and they can love the hard. This video is all the proof that you will ever need for that. So, before you watch it, take a deep breath and open up your heart for the cascade of wholesomeness that's about to hit it. 

13 Gentle Bison Existing In Beautiful Ways

"Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam" is such an iconic American song, and truly no animal feels more American than the humble and beautiful bison, and animal that has existed in the United States for thousands of years and one that Native Americans living in the Great Plains had over 150 different uses for. Yes, the bald eagle may be the official animal of the United States Of America, but the buffalo, also known as the bison, is truly a unique and special animal that we can all appreciate.

Here at I Can Has Cheezburger, we love Bison. Whether it's a blind Bison making his first friend after years of solitude, or simply a cow who ran away from home to join a herd of wild bison, there is so much bison content out there to watch and to enjoy. In fact, that is precisely why we've prepared a roundup today of the best bison content on the internet for you guys to enjoy. Because these special animals deserve to be not just appreciated, but enjoyed. So without further ado, we hope you enjoy!

Purrfect Cat Bed Design With Internal Labyrinth

This is freakin' amazing and for sure any cat's dream bed! The designers behind this super pawsome design, Catlife, has come up with the absolute purrfect cat bed and we're obsessed! 

Catlife was first created in 2013, with the sole purrpose of "creating adequate spaces that meet the innate needs of felines." So, we love them already. The bed frame has an opening hole which leads to an internal labyrinth, right underneath you. That way, you have your space, and your cats have theirs! Plus, it's really cool looking. 

The bed costs around $2,120,000 - $2,650,000, mattress not included, but can you really put a price tag of feline luxury? 

Follow Catlife on Instagram for even more feline designs that are absolute purrfection! 

Passenger Is Asked To Downgrade To Economy To Accommodate A Service Dog

Airline travel can be the worst, especially when unexpected events go wrong. This is unfortunately what happened on this flight, when a woman with a service dog was given a seat next to a passenger with a different dog who was not a trained service dog. The other dog began to try to interact with the service dog, which made passengers uncomfortable. A flight attendant on the plane then decided to move the passenger with the service dog, but no other seats had been allocated for this. So what happened? Well, the flight attendant attempted to convince a passenger riding in first class to move to economy, and a lot of drama ensued.

Before we read any further, we would like to remind everyone about the important of service dogs. Service dogs are both a tool and an accommodation that some disabled people need, and they go through very intensive training to ensure that they can help their humans in any situation. If you want to learn more about service dogs, you can read a piece we wrote called learning more about service dogs with human and service dog duo: Jack and Alison.

17 Funny Cat Photos Caught At The Purrfect Moment

As cat owners, we know that for the most part, cats… don't do anything. Cats nap, cats yell at us to give them food, cats clean themselves for hours on end. But…sometimes, cats have weird unexpected bursts of energy that last about three seconds, and if you catch these moments on camera, you find yourself with some iconic pictures. 

Now, be warned, the following pictures are pictures caught at the purrfect moment, and they are pictures of cats with no context whatsoever. Don't expect to understand what led to these images, don't try to figure out what made the cat behave the way that it did. You won't know. Ever. Nothing can explain a cat's sudden madness. But what you will do is you will laugh. 

Learn More About Silly Sea Creatures

Here at I Can Has Cheezburger we love to learn more about all kinds of wildlife, but we're especially fascinated by aquatic animals. It's a diverse group of animals and there is a hugely entertaining amount that can be learned about them. For example, we've covered a rescue seal get surprised with a giant ice fish cake for his 31st birthday, giant sea cucumbers (if you don't know what these are then you have to click the link and see, you won't be disappointed), and of course one of our personal favorites, awwdorable elephant seals. We just love to take a look at videos of awesome ocean wildlife, and of course photos as well!

Let's get to know the creatures of the ocean a little bit better by taking a look at these fun and informative tweets about aquatic animals.  A lot of people are quite scared of the ocean because it's so heckin big and mysterious, but we think it is absolutely fascinating, and that's precisely why we're so excited to share this awesome article with you, so that we can all learn more about the ocean together! The animals of the ocean are truly unique, and it's high time we highlight this in more detail!

Woman Raised Her Cat Like A Dog (Video)

HI friends, how's your weekend going? If you've ever wondered what we here at I Can Has Cheezburger think about before we go to bed, it's how absolutely awwdorable cats and dogs are. So imagine a kitty cat who acts half like a cat, and half like a dog. That's exactly where Birdie the cat comes in. Now, Birdie was adopted, and like we always say, adoption can truly change the life of an abandoned dog or cat. Birdie also adds a lot to her owner's life every day.

If you'd like to watch a hefty dose of cuteness to kickstart your day, then we have an incredible video right here about Birdie's story. So get cozy on your couch, purr-haps gather your cats or dogs near, and get ready to watch the story of this super awwdorable kitty cat just being her awwdorable half cat and half dog self. We guarantee that you will feel just a teeny tiny bit light once you're done watching this extremely cute video of kitty goodness.