Doggo Can't Contain Excitement When Reuniting With Owner (Video)

Ahhh, the feels! 

Nothing like a reunion video to get the emotions running haywire! Especially a reunion video between a dog and his marine owner! 

And to ensure his human does scurry off again on duty, this doggo has a clever plan... steal the hat! 

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Photos That Say More Than Just a Thousand Words

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Ready for your weekly dose of amazing animal photos? These are sure worth your time. Here's a linkto our previous list, in case you missed it.

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Red Pandas Deliver The Cuteness Every Gosh Darn Time

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Red pandas are the embodiment of cuteness. We can't help but turn to mush when looking at their sweet photos online. I mean, honestly, who in the world can resist that adorable face?! If there's another out there who can, we certainly don't care to be associated with that person. 

Fun fact! Did you know that Mozilla's flagship browser, 'Firefox', means red panda? Mozilla originally wanted to name the browser "Firebird", but as they found out, another open source project was using that name. Not wanting to get into a mess over the name, they decided to go with 'Firefox', another name for the red panda. 

And in a true example of adorableness, in 2010, Mozilla adopted two baby red pandas that had been born at Tennessee's Knoxville Zoo.

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Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Mal-sook, The 'Bed Head' Cat

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Once a week, we will be featuring an extraordinary animal account on Instagram! Their story, the adorable pictures, and pawesome videos! This week's spotlight goes to Mal-Sook!

"Mal-Sook is a four-year-old Persian classic who is quiet and has everything to do. It is also a next-generation pig that has a big size that is never pushed by anyone," thank you, Google Translate, for that fantastic translation from Mal-Sook's Instagram page.

This cat is our idol. Mal-sook constantly looks like she just rolled out of bed and lives in a constant state of sleepiness and confusion. 

Much like how we feel every day -- but this cat gets to live it out without human judgment!

With the fluffiest ear tuffs we've ever seen, Mal-sook is our crowned Instagram star of the week! 

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Who Needs Hot Firemen: The 2020 Irish Farmer Calendar Is Finally Available

A Disturbing Mystery: Pigeons Wearing Cowboy Hats Were Spotted in Las Vegas

pigeon animal rescue cowboy hat las vegas animals - 9956613

The Las Vegas animal rescue group Lofty Hopes raised concerns over a viral video showing at least two pigeons wearing tiny, almost custom-made cowboy hats in a parking lot. It's unclear who was behind the stunt, but activists were concerned that the hats may have been glued on, harming the birds.

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Mid-Week Kitty Litter That Requires Clearing (20 Cat Memes)

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It's not Caturday yet, but there's no reason why we shouldn't bring some of Caturday magic to today! 

20 wonderful cat memes to help us get through today, this week, and to Caturday just a wee bit sooner. And if you need even more of a boost, there are 200 of the best cat's memes of the decade just waiting for your upvotes! 

Enjoy the cat-filled boost! 

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