Pick-Me-Up Doggo Gifs To Feed The Soul



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Doggos are probably the purest creatures on this planet, and we absolutely adore them and will find any reason to share their lovableness with the rest of the world.

So deal it.

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Join The Halloween Spirit: Fresh Comics From The World Of Liz Climo



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Animator and illustrator from The Simpsons, Liz Climo, has created a charmingly quirky animal kingdom, and she continues expanding it. This time with the Halloween spirit in mind. 

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Toe-Bean-Lickin' Good Caturday Memes (35 Memes)



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Happy Caturday! Enjoy these delicious kitty goodness memes, in all of their adorable glory. If these memes don't satisfy your craving, check out last weeks cat memes here. 

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Momma Cat Adopts Puppy Into Her Litter



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Motherhood just comes naturally to some! Meet Jada, a British shorthair cat living in Brookfield, Connecticut. Jada is one of those born-to-be mothers as she also adopted a newborn Chihuahua, named Lazarus, into her litter. 

Lazarus originally had quite a troublesome entry into the world for the puppy.

told CTInsider. "This mother has really saved his life."' data-reactid="13" type="text">The animals' owner, veterinarian Sharon Eisen told CTInsider, "I didn't think he was going to make it. This mother has really saved his life."

Last week, Lazarus's birth mother underwent a C-section, and since she wasn't awake for the procedure, she didn't develop mothering instincts, not producing milk and effectively abandoning newborn Lazarus. 

Eisen continued, "We had a puppy with no mother and no milk," she also tried alternative feeding methods that all proved fruitless. 

When it came down to saving this pup's life, Eisen decided to test the formulas for both kittens and puppies, and compared the two milks and came to the conclusion that the milks shared enough similarities. Thus leading to having Jada nurse Lazarus.

Eisen introduced Lazarus to Jada, who had recently birthed a litter of kittens, of which she lost one. 

It was the moment when Eisen saw Jada cleaning Lazarus, as she would one of her own, that Eisen knew Lazarus has been fully accepted.

And to make the moment even sweeter, Eisen says Lazarus has also been accepted by the rest of the kittens! 

See the heartwarming pics below:

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YouTuber Turns House Into Ultimate Cat Playground



Meet Simon, a popular YouTuber with 4.7 million subscribers! Simon is also the one who decided to turn his home into a cat playland! And nothing brings us more joy than seeing how much people care for their beloved furbabies! 

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