Join Us For The New Adventures Of Locas, Our Favorite Spider

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Lucas the Spider is the adorable creation of animator Joshua Slice. In a time where there is no shortage of conflict and turmoil depicted in the news, Lucas the Spider is a brief break, a moment to come together over the unexpected love for a spider. Here are five of his recent videos. Enjoy! 

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5 Signs Your Cat Hates You: Understanding Feline Aggression

Do you think your cat hates you? If you watch this video by AnimalWised, you will see that cats can't hate in the way we humans are so good at. However, we can experience problems in our relationships with our cats due to the way we treat them. We may not understand that what we are doing is actually leading to problems, but this is likely because we are not paying sufficient attention to our cat's body language and methods of communication. If we do, we might see that what we understand is hate is simply a rejection of being treated in a certain way. Most importantly, a cat's behavioral changes might be due to health issues, so it is imperative we take our cat to the vet if they starting acting like they hate us.

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A New Tinder App Unites Cows With Their Soulmates While Farmers Are Playing "Moo-Pid"

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Mooove to the right. Mooooove to the left. A British startup has launched a Tinder-style app, called Tudder, to make it easier for farmers to find a mate… for their cattle. 

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Here's Your Weekly Dose Of Cute! (#18)

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We scoured the internet to bring you the cutest animal pictures and gifs of the week! Bringing you cuteness every week - stay tuned for next week's dose! If you missed last week's dose, and you need a cuteness overload, check out last week's here

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Meet Toad, The Pup Born With Two Mouths, Who Has Now Found Her Fur-ever Home

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*Warning* some of the images may be considered graphic, proceed with caution. Toad, the pup born with two mouths, has gone viral for her unusual case but this story has a happy ending! You can follow Toad and her story on Instagram. As Toads Instagram says, she is simply "... a normal dog with a mouth where her right ear should be". Story first found on AOL

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