21 Teeny-Weeny Pawdorable Puppies



Get ready for a cuteness overload, dog lovers, because you're about to see 21 of the most adorable puppies we could find on the internet. We love all dogs, don't get us wrong, no matter how big a dog is, we love it more than anything. But, puppies - puppies will always have a special place in our souls. 

Because itty bitty puppies are too adorable for this world, and no matter how many pics of them we see, we are forever smitten and in love. And considering how much love they give us all the time, we thought it was only right to give this puppy pile some more loveback. Because one can never love puppies enough. 

12 Pictures Of The Fluffiest Most Squish-Able Animals



When it comes to fluff, the bigger the better. To pet and cuddle our pets or animals we see in the wild is one of the greatest pleasures one earth. I pity those who are allergic to fur. They have no idea what they're missing! Holding the fluffiest furball you can find and not knowing where the fur ends, and the bodies begin… just one of life's treasures to be honest.

Below are 12 of the fluffiest and cutest animals on the planet! Some are animals that you can find in a home. Some you can only enjoy from a distance. And frankly, I would try my luck anyway just to get a handful of that fur. So fluffy! 

Cats Where They Shouldn't Be: Puzzles Destroyers Edition



It is a known fact that if you want your cat not to go somewhere, that is exactly where they will go. Forever and always, cats are going to be where they shouldn't be. No matter how much you yell at them not to, how many times you spray them with water, they will keep coming back to that place that forbidden place. 

From sitting on pizzas to falling asleep on plants, cats are defiant through and through. And for some reason, the second you get your puzzle pieces out of the box, they find their way onto them as well. Gotta catch them fast if you don't want all of your hard work destroyed. At least the pictures of those disasters are funny though, so laugh away, cat lovers. 

Unexpectedly Heartwarming Rescue Of A Sick 'Ugly' Fish Goes Viral



Animal rescue stories are always heartwarming, but you might not expect a fish rescue story to be. Despite people getting fish as pets so commonly, most people don't know how hard taking care of a pet fish can be. And in this story, unfortunately, the family who had the now not-so-ugly 'Ugly Ivan' not only didn't take care of him well but neglected and abused him. 

Most people probably wouldn't work so hard to rescue a fish, but NotaScientologiston imgurdid. Surprisingly, people responded with more love than any of us expected, with Ugly Ivan going viral over and over again. People wanted to know more about his story, and people wanted him to survive, and luckily, people are getting both of these things. 

Making Some Noise For The Bestest Boys (Dog Memes)



You know how dogs are pure and beautiful, and they do nothing but bring joy into our lives? Yeah, we love dogs. There is nothing better than them. And so, every week, we take it upon ourselves to celebrate dogs in the best way that we know how - with some delicious and fresh doggo memes that came right out of the internet oven. 

Funny animal memes, and but especially funny dogs memes, are basically guaranteed to put a smile on our faces. And since we know you guys, and we know that you love dogs as much as us, we know that some good boy memes will do the same to you. 

Enjoy, friends, and your week be the most pawfect week ever!

Purrfectly Wholesome Blind Cat Appreciation Collection



All cats are purrefct, even the ones of them that are... less than perfect. Whether they are adorable kitties with less than four legs, gorgeous cats with only one eye, or cat who, for one reason or another, have certain behavioral issues. We, as cat lovers, can't forget to give love to these purrfectly less-than-perfect underappreciated cats as well. That brings us to today, where we're going to be giving some love to the blind furballs among us. 

They may be blind, but that does not mean that they can't see the people who love them. They can feel affection from their humans in every interaction they have, and it's precious. So, give them some love and get ready for some butterflies, because this collection of blind beauties is going to bring you all the 'aww's.