Weekly Treat: Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets



Morning beautiful people. Start today with a big smile! (Or don't, but we think you should.) The sun is shining. We know that It might be Monday, but that that isn't going to stop us from having a pawsome day filled with good vibes and animal humor. We have got some good vibes and energy heating up to perfection in the oven and we are just waiting for the timer to ding off. That's right, it's time for our weekly treat! It's the funniest and overall best animal tweets of the week. 

Every week, we scour high and low, east and west, far and near, and through every dusty corner of the interwebs, to compile the best animal centric tweets. We find that the best way to start the day is with as much hilarious animal content as you can get your hands on, so here we are to deliver. Let's get this show on the road!

Tumblr Thead: Stories Of Bees And Wasps Choosing Humans As Their Friends



Sometimes, the most unexpected interspecies friendships can form. And we don't just mean between animals and other animals - although we love it when it happens. We mean friendships between humans and animals. Like the incredible 37-year friendship between a man and the swan he rescued, or the awwdorable friendship between a girl and the bumblebee she rescued. 

Sometimes, we just connect with animals. Even with the most unexpected ones. Like bees. And wasps. One wouldn't think that it would be very easy to connect with those. They're quite… scary sometimes. But, people on tumblr, as always, had to go and prove us wrong, sharing stories of themselves befriending these unique and amazing buzzy creatures

Proper British Names For Your Proper British Pet



Top of the morning to you, mate, we heard you wanted to give your pet a proper British name. Obviously here at ICanHas Cheezburger we like nothing more than helping others find names for their awwdorable pets. In fact, we've been known to be pretty creative with the names we give our pets. Don't take our word for it, just ask all of the bunnies we named recently

We love giving our pets the most ridiculous names, but it's also important that they suit the animal, which is why we've provided this lovely list, complete with photos of what sort of dogs and cats fit the bill. After all, there's basically nothing more funny than calling your dog by yelling "Sir Tuffington, come!" It's perfect. And apparently, Twitter users are asking for help naming their pets. Of course, we just has to share our personal favorite names with you.

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (October 18, 2021)



If you're in need of some #Mondaymotivation than you're in luck, because this week, just like every week, we have some especially adorable and wholesomely heartwarming animal memes to throw your way. Honestly, we think that this pawsome compilation of wholesome memes might be all you need to tackle the rest of the week. After all, being happy and relaxed can help so much with virtually every one of life's problems. That and winning the lottery. 

This list provides an extra dose of animal wholesomeness  and incredibly awwdorable animal pictures, enough to make any animal lover's day. So, get cozy, and prepare for an extreme overload of animal cuteness in a good way, because in a few minutes you'll be enveloped in the good vibes of some floofy companions. We hope you guys enjoy this heartwarming compilation of animal memes, and we also hope that the rest of your week is amazing and fun! 

Otters' Confused And Spooked Reactions To An Earthquake (Video)



Earthquakes are scary. To everyone. They take us off guard, they worry us. And well, we can't help but be worried about our pets as well when it happens, because we know that they're experiencing the same fears. So, when KOTSUMET was randomly filming their otters eating and an earthquake hit, we got the chance to see these most awwdorable otters' reaction to it. 

And see, we hate seeing animals in distress, any animals, but this was unfortunately something unavoidable. Thankfully, no one got hurt. All we got are some itty bitty cute otters being confused as heck about what's going on in the world and why someone decided to shake their lunch while they were trying to eat it with their little paws

'Living Fossil' Alligator Gar Found For The First Time In A Kansas River



"When a fisherman pulled in his line, he knew he had 'something weird': A 40-pound alligator gar. When fisherman Butch Smith pulled his last line up from the Neosho River in Kansas one day last month, he wasn't quite sure what he was looking at. As a 4½-foot, nearly 40-pound fish thrashed around in his boat, Smith called up a buddy and said, 'I've got something weird here.' Smith sent him a photo, and the friend called back with an answer: That's an alligator gar."  Story via The Washington Post.

The alligator gar is a ray-finned euryhaline fish related to the bowfin in the infraclass Holostei. It is the biggest species in the gar family, and among the largest freshwater fish in North America. The fossil record traces its group's existence back to the Early Cretaceous over 100 million years ago. This rare catch has set off a scramble to understand the origins of the fish and how it wound up in this water system.

"Smith said in an interview: 'I've seen gar, but I ain't never seen a gar with a head shaped like this,' explaining that he first thought his catch may have been a flathead catfish. That's because the alligator gar had never before been documented in the state. Smith got in touch with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, and the fisheries division confirmed it was an alligator gar, a type of fish whose fossil records it says trace back nearly 100 million years. It gets its name from its wide head and broad snouts that resemble an American alligator."